addons change your gamplay in some ways or another.

theres an addon called Tiny Dps alls this addon does is makes a box that shows all damage to people that are in/where a party with you! there is dominos, that changes your action bars so you can basicly edit your action bars

you can move them and make them smaller! and move them anywhere on your sreen, even overlap things!!!!! best not do that though :D it will make it harder, especilly overlapping and action bar with another, but anyway hope this helped you with addons :) there are all sorts of different addons these are some of them :)

questing addons

leveling addons

pvp guide addons

class guide addons

there is even and app called wow armory!!!! if u have a fully activated account you can speak in guild chat with your i pod i phone or i pad basicly any I dievice or just anything that can download it :D !!!!!!!

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